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Hello! Welcome to Instant-Replays shopper registration! We look forward to working with you!

During this process we will be collecting some personal information which will help us to determine which shops would be good for you. We have demographics we need to meet for our clients. For example we have shops for senior housing, so we ask for your age. Sometimes our clients want a specific ethnic group, so we ask your race. Please fill out as much as you can as it may bring more shops your way!

We also ask for your "lifestyle" which reflects what you think you can ROLE-PLAY as a shopper.

You will need a scan of your Driver License to upload. You will need a picture of yourself to upload, and 3 references (these may be friends or relatives), SS info is optional, but we will need your SS# and a W9 prior to your first shop.

Once you are fully registered, PLEASE EMAIL US @ Thanks!

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